Most fashion brands deliver two collections every year. Not By Sanne Jansen. The fashion designer living in Tilburg shows it can be done differently with her signature style and what she calls her ‘slow & steady’ approach to fashion.

013straatjes interview met Sanne Jansen - Foto door William van der Voort
Photo by William van der Voort

How did you get into fashion design?
“I never planned to. In fact I started studying at the art academy to become a graphic designer. Then I discovered that fashion gave me the opportunity to do all the things I love. Photography, textiles, drawing, graphic design and creating 3D models. That’s why to this day I still do everything myself. It’s a lot of work, but it’s what makes it interesting to me.”

What are your designs like?
“I have a solid, recognizable signature. My designs are classic with a tailored cut. Beautiful fabrics, nice textures and colors are very important to me. What makes my work stand out is the twist I add to it. People often call my clothes retro, but my quirky details make it modern.”

By Sanne Jansen designer - Piling Lines 2017 - interview door 013 Straatjes Tilburg
Liza / by Sanne Jansen / Piling Lines / 2017

What’s your current approach to fashion?
“I used to make an outfit every month instead of two collections every year, but recently I let go of that time schedule. There’s so much fashion in the world already, so I should be very conscious to what I add. Now I create just one garment or silhouette at the time and I choose women that inspire me to present my work. I release my work alongside a portrait of them, to share both their and my story. The garments are available in limited editions, according to the amount of fabric I have found or created. Inspiration for my clothes can come from artists that inspire me, a beautiful fabric that I come across or technique that I want to explore. And my work is done when I’m completely satisfied. That’s the only time schedule that guides me these days.”

What do you love about Tilburg?
“I’ve traveled all over the world with my fashion, but Tilburg suits my character. People here are laid-back and have the drive to create. I kind of love that Tilburg has so many hidden treasures people still need to discover, like the place I live and work. Since art and textiles are huge inspirations I’m very lucky to live close to museums De Pont and TextielMuseum. If you ask me De Pont is the best arts museum in The Netherlands. On Saturday mornings I like to go thrifting at PortAgora. If you know where to look Tilburg is a vintage goldmine.”