Artist Erik Veldmeijer, known as Veldinho, has been drawing and painting since a youthful age and started graffiti about 25 years ago. In the past years, Tilburg gained many famous art works by the hand of Erik. The most famous one perhaps being the Bartkira artwork on the Hall of Fame, meanwhile one of the most frequently photographed facades in the Spoorzone. Since the past three years now, he also paints on canvas. From those styles, many things are now coming together. His work can be admired in many local shops and coffee bars and ever more often at exhibitions as well. A great moment for us to have the new cover of the Tilburg city guide painted by Veldinho. The 4th edition of the 013 Straatjes, ‘The key to the city’!

What’s the idea behind the artwork?
“By means of art you leave a footprint, and I transformed that into a keychain of a sneaker, because Tilburg makes me feel at home. The sole is the map of my neighbourhood and the rest of the shoe shows part of our skyline, the swoosh actually is just the t.”

What do you love about Tilburg?
“For me, the city of Tilburg feels like a big village, it’s got that village feel to it, it’s easy-going and I like that. Big cities give you too much incentives. Every time I return to Tilburg I’m happy things are so calm here.”

How and where in the city can we see your work?
“Many of my large murals can be seen in the Spoorzone, the Dwaalgebied, the Centre and at festivals like Woo Hah. My canvases are on display in many local shops and coffee bars, like Stuen, Buutvrij and Pig & Rey. Besides that, my work is for sale at art exhibitions ever more often.”

What is your tip for people to enjoy Tilburg?
“The first thing that comes to mind is: go and take a stroll through the city, because that’s when you’ll see Tilburg at its finest. Which is actually also how the cover has come about.”