Bas Vermeer rides his scooter every day, looking for local news. With ‘Stadsgezicht’ he brings the inspiring and hyperlocal stories about the city center. His city portraits and often funny, yet critical, articles make him an figurehead for Tilburg.

“It’s crazy how fast we’re growing. I’m noticing locals get more proud.”

013straatjes interview met Bas Vermeer - Foto door William van der Voort
Photo by William van der Voort

We know you as the journalist that shares Tilburg’s stories, but who is Bas Vermeer?
“Hard to sum up in a few words. Besides a full-time journalist I’m a frequent pub goer, a passionate reader and impenitent bachelor. Thirty-five-years-old, but I feel like I’m in my twenties. But actual people in their twenties call me ‘sir’. I find it hard to be objective about myself, haha.”

You’re in the city every day and see the changes happen right in front of your eyes. What do you think about Tilburg’s development, the locals and the image of our city?
“We’re taking big steps and the beautiful thing about Tilburg is its variety. A few years ago I wandered around the city with friends from Eindhoven. They were always very negative about Tilburg. Until that summer night: we had drinks at the city beach Waterjump and went from pub to pub at the Piushaven. They were pleasantly surprised. And now we have the Spoorzone to hang out and the Spoorpark is on its way. Trust me, that park is going to be really cool. Finally the camp site in the middle of the city gets their own permanent place. Along with food and drinks, water and greenery to relax. The campsite alone is golden: a place to set up your tent in the city center. You don’t see that often. Tilburgers, I advise you to visit Hostel Roots as well for an instant backpack feeling. It’s crazy how fast we’re growing. I’m noticing locals get more proud.”

What does Tilburg mean to you?
“There’s always something to do. Exactly, there’s too much to do. So many parties, so many temptations. It can be mesmerizing. Sometimes I visit Delft, a friend of mine lives there. Beautiful, but there’s only two pubs to party all night. Unbelievable. The beautiful thing about Tilburgers? They’re not arrogant and always make time to talk.”